Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Crazy Weekend

Someone had the bright idea to travel to Jolly (near Wichita Falls & Henrietta) this weekend on the motorcycle... WHEW!!! It was long and hot!!!
However, in the 739 miles we racked up over Friday & Sunday (mainly), we gained 4 letters & saw LOTS of really cool stuff... AND we had a GREAT party at my mom & dads house:):)
I will have to blog pictures of the party later... this turned out to be a long blog:):)
Henrietta for H
Jolly for J
Nocona for N

Oklahoma just cause we were so close
Gholson for G
We explored Hico...
We found Natty Flat & the Largest Rocking Chair in the World:) Crazy story, turns out this is a friends Aunt & Uncles place... & her mom in law & daughter were inside helping out while we were outside taking our picture... CRAZY - not anywhere close to College Station.
We also explored Meridian...

We had a great ride...

In total, we have finished 15 letters & have the other 10 planned (X is not possible since there is not an X town in Texas)...


emily.murphey said...

Awe! Pics of Meridian :)

Spit Up said...

Oh my gosh you guys are amazing!!!!! Great pictures!!! Your parents have a motorcycle too? Looks like so much fun even in the heat! I wish your wedding was this weekend!!! Miss you guys!!