Monday, November 16, 2009

Engagement Pics!!!!

The Engagement Pics are online!!!!!!


go to the above website, click on CLIENTS, and the password will be: misti

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sorry for the time away...

Sorry for not posting lately... Just keep forgetting... So, here is kinda what has been going on...

It was REALLY cold at the A&M vs OSU game a few weeks ago... We went from trying to keep space inbetween us to stop sweating on each other to trying to stay as close to each other as possible so the wind wouldn't blow through...

Then at the Tailgate, T organized a Bags Tourny... The Grizwalds (mom & dad) came in first. Papa Grizwald was a ringer from the professional ring & beat out the Mos (T & me). They won the title which also came with a sprite & a jar of sliced pickles (from the sponsors of the match).
That same weekend was one of my kids fundraiser walk/run - Dravet's Syndrome Association. It was really cold, but not rainy thankfully...
BUT then, on Sunday, came the rain for the Buddy Walk...
Here are 2 of my families:):)

This weekend was back to wedding stuff. We got registered at Sears, Dillards, & Target. A little trouble to get Sears working, but overall, it has been a fun experience:):)
Future Events:
1) My kids are carving pumpkins at school this week... I will post the pumpkins next weekend... They are truely amazing!!!!!
2) KJ is coming in next weekend for the game and to help make invitations:)
3) November 7, I am going to Ft Worth to watch T and some of his buddies run a crazy 10K in boots, pants, through the mud, & over obstacles... I said NO WAY - I will go watch!!!
Hope everyone is having a great day:)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Crazy Weekend

Someone had the bright idea to travel to Jolly (near Wichita Falls & Henrietta) this weekend on the motorcycle... WHEW!!! It was long and hot!!!
However, in the 739 miles we racked up over Friday & Sunday (mainly), we gained 4 letters & saw LOTS of really cool stuff... AND we had a GREAT party at my mom & dads house:):)
I will have to blog pictures of the party later... this turned out to be a long blog:):)
Henrietta for H
Jolly for J
Nocona for N

Oklahoma just cause we were so close
Gholson for G
We explored Hico...
We found Natty Flat & the Largest Rocking Chair in the World:) Crazy story, turns out this is a friends Aunt & Uncles place... & her mom in law & daughter were inside helping out while we were outside taking our picture... CRAZY - not anywhere close to College Station.
We also explored Meridian...

We had a great ride...

In total, we have finished 15 letters & have the other 10 planned (X is not possible since there is not an X town in Texas)...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Wedding blog

I have now made a wedding post to keep guests up to date on our wedding plans... Check it out... I am really excited about the header...


For those of you that don't know, both T & I have or do go by MO... hehehe

Thursday, July 9, 2009

So I finally decided we needed to work on our Motorcycle Book.
I have only finished 5 towns, but we have gone to 11... with plans of 5 more in a few weeks:):)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday, June 6, 2009

WE ARE ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night, T asked me the most important question of all time!!!!

We had a great night watching the Astros beat the Pirates from the FiveSeven restaurant in center field. It was wonderful with drinks & dinner & feet propped up & Friday Night Fireworks.

Afterwards, we walked around their museum/park outside the stadium. Of course I am thinking "this would be a perfect time for him to propose:):):)" As we were walking away, he says, "Hey, there is our baseball. Want a picture?"

The poor guy that took our picture had a baby in his arm and didn't know what he was getting into:):) T asked him to take another picture because 'he had his eyes closed'. As the guy said 1-2-.., T said, "Will you marry me?" (while down on one knee)... and the guy says CRAP and starts taking lots of pictures!!! It was really funny.

Of course I started crying and jumping up and down!!! T was waiting on me to stop jumping up and down so he could put the ring on my finger:) I jumped in his arms and told him how much I loved him!!! He kinda pulls away from me and says, "UMM... You haven't said YES yet" ooppss... YES T!!! I WILL MARRY YOU!!!!!!!!!!

T is so wonderful!!!! I am the luckiest girl in the world!!!!