Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to US

T's birthday was on March 1 & Mine was on March 5... So, at our house, we have a huge birthday week!!!! Here are some pics of our week:):)

We started at Minute Maid to watch the Ags in the College Classic.

T's birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse
T told me just before Christmas that he wanted a flag that has been flown over the capitol during the Bush term. I ordered it, but didn't know if it would happen with such short notice. Sure enough, about a month ago, I got the flag in the mail. It had been flown over the capitol on January 17 - WHEW!!! that was a close call.
For our birthdays, Kimmie & Joe got us a gift certificate to the Republic, a very nice steak house in CS. To add to it, I got T an additional gift certificate there too. We are going to eat VERY WELL!!!!


After school, a group of us headed to Johnnie Carino's...


Thorin showed up with BEAUTIFUL flowers! He is so amazing (even though he said that he beat some guy up in the parking lot for them).

When we got home, I had 2 more beautiful bouquets of flowers & tickets to see Wizard of Oz in April.

Now, T is in Minnesota to finish out his birthday week by participating in the Polar Plunge with one of his best friends. As for me, I went to watch the Aggies play baseball & I am off to visit family:)

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Mom, Dad, Kimmie, Joe, Thorin, & I went to Vegas in February. It was awesome!!!!

Joe & Kimmie came to San Antonio to pick us up on their plane... totally not planned. How Funny!!

T took us to In & Out

Here is our family... as crazy as we are:)

Mom & Dad's car rental got messed up, so for 2 days, we rode around like this - if we went anywhere in the car... Thankfully we were in Vegas & we didn't have to drive very much:)

Memosa's anyone???

Before mom & dad got to Vegas, the 4 of us went to see Hoover Dam... pretty awesome!!!

It has been a long few days!!!