Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Catchin' up

Howdy all... Sorry for not posting anything new lately... but WOW, what a year it has already been:)

This year I have 9 boys in my room... No Girls! Good thing they are MAINLY sweet... They are a handful:)

Just an example... Yesterday, the computer tech was fixing my computer...

The timer went off for us to start cleaning up from working on our personal information in 4 groups.

As if the talking of 4 groups (8 kids (1 boy was out in class) & 4 adults) wasn't loud enough... add in cleaning ... add in the kids all coming to me wanting to show what they had done...

THEN top it off with one of my kids cleaning his dry erase board. When he went to spray the board, the sprayer was pointing at his face - and yes, he sprayed himself in the eyes. As if that wasn't bad enough, he started wiping his eyes with the felt we use as erasers. He had black all over his face & red eyes.

The tech guy left laughing & thanking the good Lord that he doesn't have a classroom:):):)

Thorin just got back from his TRIP OF A LIFE TIME!!! He left here a week ago Friday, traveled from here to Arkansas, to Nebraska, to South Dakota, to Wyoming, to Montana, back to Wyoming, to South Dakota, to Colorado, & finally to Texas where he stopped to spend the night at mom & dad's and then FINALLY CAME HOME on Sunday!!!!! WHEEWWW!!!

Now, Thorin just got back from his Little League Football coaching meeting. He wanted PK-K boys, but got 5th-6th grade... He doesn't really know what to think. He is also waiting on a little brother. He was supposed to have one a few weeks ago, but it fell through. Then he was getting another one, but that fell through. Maybe he will get a new one soon. He really can't wait.

That is all for now... I will try and post some pictures soon.