Monday, August 4, 2008

What a perfect Sunday:) - take 2

T & I went on a bike ride Sunday. I had no idea where we were going except that we were "going that way" (as T points in the direction of Austin).

We headed in so many directions that I totally was lost until I saw an Austin this way sign.

Our 304 mile trek started with us getting our P (ABCs biking around TX) in Pfluegerville.

Then we went to our main destination...
Check out how gorgeous this place is!!!!
Texas Monthly ranked the Blue Hole the #2 swimming hole in the state of TX... Here is the link to the artile.

After 2 hours of playing in the water, we decided we had time to walk around the touristy town (it reminded me of Gruene, TX) before heading back to CS.

On our way home, we noticed rain in the distance... In Caldwell, the wind shifted and the clouds were close... T stopped and gave me the rain jacket and he got his goggles... Lightning is beautiful, but not necessarily when you are on a motorcycle & you can see lightning ALL AROUND YOU!!!

On University right past the Vet School, the rain started... we were 1 block from the house when the rain HIT. We got home safe and sound. I had time to jump off the bike, gather my stuff, & get the boys in from the rain.

A safe trip... A wonderful town... An excellent "walking map" as a tour guide...