Friday, January 9, 2009


So, one of my kiddos is hilarious!!!!!!!!!! I laugh with him all day long! He is so sweet and animated and just cracks me up!!!

Well, Thursday, he comes in from PE telling me he was sick and wants to go home (he is also signing to me). After lots of questioning of what actually hurts and why he wants to go home, he reasures me that he is sick and wants to go home because he has HICCUPS:):):):) When asked to demonstrate his hiccups so we can find out "what kind" he has so we know how to treat it, J jumps in the air with a HUGE FAKE hiccup:):) We all started rolling!!!!!

Then on Friday, while J is sitting in his favorite chair, he started to tell me how much his tummy hurt and that he needed to go to the doctor. I, of course, asked what was wrong in his tummy. J pointed to his tummy & responded with a straight face, "BABY".
"Oh, J has a baby in his belly and it is making his tummy hurt and he wants to go to the dr."
I then asked what the dr was going to do if J got to go... J said, "P-U-S-H!!!!"

Oh my... I have rolled and rolled!!!!!!

Today, when J got to school, I asked him about the baby in his tummy. He informed me that they were not there anymore. Mo - "You had the baby? What did you have". J-"boygirl". Mo- "You had a boygirl?" J-" Boy & Girl" Mo- "Oh, J had 2 babies?!?" J- "yes" Mo-"what did you name them?" J - "Gorilla & Mavel"....

Out of the mouth of babes.... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Digi Scrap Pages

I was looking through my pictures looking to print my scrap pages & realized I haven't posted any of these....