Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Sweet Boyfriend

I am taking Thorin to the airport tomorrow and he will be in Virginia for 2 weeks for the Marines. I have only been without him that long one other time and I HATED it! Tonight, we went on a date:) He took me to Olive Garden & to see Meet Dave (by the way - it is HILARIOUS!!!) Since he will be without his family for 2 weeks, I made him a WE MISS YOU book. Here are a few of the pages... (some of these are quickpages... I am not that crafty)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Oz's new shirt

When I saw this new shirt, I knew OZ HAD to have it.

Here is a shout out to Oz's namesake!!!!

Howdy to all our Aussie friends and family!!!

Hankie hits the shower

Yesterday Hankie & I went on a run. I was hesitant because he was REALLY tired the night before... BUT, as Hank normally does, he was jumping and jumping when I put on my tennies. HE LOVES TO GO RUN WITH ME!!! I watched him as we ran and he was totally fine. I guess it was just the heat from the day before.

Here is the funny... When we got about 1 block from the house, I realized I had to go potty:):) So we quickly came to the house and as most of you know who have smaller children, you can't potty by yourself... the privacy leaves when you have children... I haven't pottied by myself in over 2 years... (on a side note... T laughs when I come out of the bathroom with ALL my little duckies - I have been known to have 2 dogs & a cat in the bathroom with me)...

When I hit the bathroom, Hank decided to hit the showers... I guess he thought he stunk:):):):):):)

last of the family weekend digi scrap pages

Monday, July 7, 2008

Our 4th of July Present

Thorin came home on July 4th with a patio table we had looked at. How fantastic!!! Isn't it GREAT!!!
Even better, he had to go to Houston, so while he was gone, I put everything together as a surprise.

His best comment ever (as he is looking through the window at me bathing the dog after seeing the front yard mowed)... "I see you have been industrious... Sweet!"

I am glad he enjoyed the work. It is nice to know I can still be an independent woman:):) & appreciated for that:):)

Turns out the entire family enjoys it:):)

We have sat outside and enjoyed drinks and dinner a few days already:)