Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Catch up

We have lots that has gone on, but I have been too busy & without internet to get it blogged:)

On August 6, T & I went to the Brazos Valley Bombers game. The Bombers are our local baseball team... like a scout team, not minor league, but a group of college players. The Bombers games are ALWAYS so much fun! This game was the 2nd game in the playoffs, the first home game of the playoffs. To celebrate, a jewelry store donated 24 Blue Topazs & 1 half carrot DIAMOND for the 2nd Annual Diamond Derby. I definately wanted the diamond (to hand to someone else:):)), so here is the competetion.

I chose the correct star color... now I have a 1 in 25 chance for the diamond..

Now, they are drawing numbers... I am down to the last 7.... Nerve racking!!!

I didn't get the diamond - SHUCKS!!! However, I did win this beautiful blue topaz:):)
We went with our friends, Brian & Dana & Logan & Bryce.
For those of you that know us, you won't be one bit surprised that Dana & I showed everyone how to dance the Chicken Dance.
I love my Daddy!

T is VERY focused on the game and the seeds!

Check out our treasures... T caught a ball & I caught a necklace:):)
Yummy Popcorn!!!!2 peas in a pod
With Kaboom, the mascot.

Then on August 9, T & I headed to Friendswood to play with some friends, MAtt & Suzanne, on their new boat.

The boys fished, but Matt was the only one that caught anything.

Suzanne & I got some sun on this GORGEOUS day!