Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Wonderful Weekend

Thursday, I headed up to my mom and dad's house for the weekend. It was really the only weekend we have had NOTHING going on and could actually go tripin:)

I took my time getting home & was going to stop and see Kimmie (my sister that lives in Ft. Worth), but totally missed seeing her:( I thought she had to go to work at 7, but she had to be there at 3:(

Well, Thursday night, I went to dinner with my parents at Tx Roadhouse. .. (Dad got to ride in style:))

While at dinner, I saw a GREAT friend of mine... Francy & Bryan & their kiddos...

Friday, I got to have lunch with my BESTEST friend EVER, KJ, & her boyfriend Tony, my mommy, & our good friend, Amy...

then we went to see Mama Mia!!! & it was wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, I went to a birthday party...


Then I met Shad & Anne's new addition, Henry James...


Saturday night, I went to Lee's going away party. It was so much fun!!! I got to play with almost all of my guys... (Keith - met in '94, Lee - best buds since junior high, Todd - best buds since '94, & Shad - best buds since birth)

I LOVE MY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only thing that would have made this weekend better would be if Thorin would have been able to go home with me:( but when Uncle Sam calls... (Thorin is in Virginia for the Marines - I pick him up on Saturday!!!!!!)