Saturday, December 13, 2008

Boys Visit With Santa

WHEW!!!! This year was a tough year to go see Santa... The boys were so excited!! Hank was shaking with excitement while he was sitting at the front door. I didn't take Hank's gentle leader because I didn't want the Santa elves to think he was a biter. Well, I will take it regardless from now on. Hank is a 100 lb kid that knows what he wants and that he can drag you there. My children are well behaved, but you know it was tough when Oz was the good kid today:) On top of dragging me everywhere, Hank - AGAIN - chewed through his leash in the big bad store of PetSmart. Thankfully everyone was VERY nice & helpful (as usual!!) & we got a pretty good Christmas picture:):)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow In College Station

Everyone went to bed on Tuesday hearing the possibility of winter mix dancing in our heads...

to our great surprise, it was a white morning:):):)

At school, the kids and I went and played in the snow all 1st period before it melted!!!!!

Then the snow melted and we were all sad:(

Around 3, we heard rumors it was snowing again...

YEAH!!!! It was SNOWING!!!!
We packed up and went out to play... the entire school was outside! What a cool site!!!!